Monday, July 25, 2011

The "You Should Give Me a Job" Skirt

For reasons I do not wish to discuss on the internet, I've found myself to be unemployed.  What better way to convince people to hire you than to have the perfect skirt!

It even has hanger appeal!  You just have to trust me on this one, because I finished it all of 3 minutes ago and nobody is here to take a picture of me wearing it and because I've been wearing sweats with my hair in a bun all day.

This is McCalls 5591, version A, and my 4th time making this skirt.  I lost the waist pieces, so I drafted them myself.  This is my first time "drafting" anything, and even though it was easy, I'm still proud.

This fabric is a poly poplin from that was super cheap and I therefore own it in 4 colors.  I'm glad I bought a variety of colors, because the fabric was really nice to work with.  It's pretty darn wrinkle resistant, which will be very nice for interviews.  I once had to drive 45 minutes to an interview, and it's pretty darn difficult to stay wrinkle free after a long drive like that!  I also like the color.  I don't like wearing black to job interviews, I'm a teacher and I feel like wearing black in June/July is just too severe and cold-looking for somebody who's going to be working with children.  The gray is a little softer, but just as professional. 

I also did the zipper by machine.  I usually hand-pick my zippers, not because I have any lofty ideas about hand sewing but because I am really bad at machine sewing zippers.  But I managed to do it quite okay this time.  It's not lying as flat as I would like when I put the skirt on, but not bad enough to rip it out either.  

This skirt might not be perfect, but it's pulled me out of my Wadder Depression and I'm ready to continue tackling my sewing queue! 


  1. Every job interview that I've worn something I made myself I always got the job, good luck I'm sure it's a lucky skirt, it looks great.

  2. Thanks Tanya! Now I guess I need a coordinating lucky shirt!