Friday, July 29, 2011

Thirty-one dollars

My FabricMart order came in today!  Yay!  I mentioned early that I got 23 yards for $31.  I also ordered a mystery bundle, so some of that is hit or miss, which I'll describe below.

I'm going to describe what I bought, how much, and my plans for it, starting at the top left, working down the first column, and then the top right (like reading a book!).  You can always click the photo above for a bigger picture, I know it's a bit hard to see in this small thumbnail.

1.  This is from the mystery bundle.  It feels like a cotton sateen, and it has a good amount of stretch in it.  I see this becoming a cute sheath.  I have 2 1/2 yards of this, and it looks like it's 45" wide.  I hope there's enough for a sheath... I'll have to check my patterns.
2.  Also from the mystery bundle, this is labeled as an Italian shirting.  I got 2.5 yards of this.  Not sure yet what I'll do with it.  I don't see Gary wearing it, so maybe a shirt dress for myself?  But I have a lot of shirt dresses planned, so we'll see.
3.  This fabric I actually picked out, it's 100% rayon challis. I only got 2 yards, I wish I got more. Not sure yet what I'll do with it, but I'd like to make a dress.  It's really soft, so it'll have to be something flowy.
4.  This is a sage green stretch lace that I picked out.  I want to make a long, flowy vest out of this, like Butterick 4989 in view C.
5.  This is a cotton print I picked out.  I got 2.5 yards of this.  I think this will be a cute blouse, like maybe Butterick 5284.
6.  This is the real mystery of the mystery bundle.  I don't know what this is.  It feels really crisp, the most similar thing I've felt is a poly crepe de chine.  It's kind of a taupe color with maroon designs on it.  I'm not a fan.  This will probably linger in my stash as a possible lining for a bag or something, but I may end up donating it.
7.  Up on the top right is a yard of black silk shantung I got in my mystery bundle. I have no idea what to do with this.  I hate having things dry cleaned, so I never buy silk.  What can I do with just a yard?  It's also slashed a bit along the fold, so it'd be hard to get the full yardage out of it.  Another dud like number 6.
8.  This is a vertical striped cotton. I got 3 yards of this and it's 45" wide.  I think this would be a really cute shirt dress!  I was eyeing Simplicity 2246 or a '70s vintage pattern I picked up at a thrift store for 29 cents. No picture of the pattern, but I'll put it up if/when I use it.
9.  This is a zebra print poly charmeuse. I picked it out, not knowing what I would do with it, and still not sure. I think this might be a cute blouse, or I might make a cute nightgown.
10.  This is another mystery bundle mystery.  It's a yard of a very sheer orange fabric with purple suns on it.  It's cute, I could see it as a cute little neck kercheif, but I don't know what I'm going to do with it, especially just a yard.
11.  And last is what I'm guessing is a crepe back poly satin in light pink.  I don't own a lot of light pink, so I'm happy to have it.  But again not sure what to make out of it.  I think I have 1.5 yards.

- I'm very happy with everything that I personally ordered.
- I love, love, LOVE the dot fabric on the top left (labeled #1).  This is definitely the best of the mystery bundle and I can really see myself using it.
- Overall, the mystery bundle was a bit of a dud this time.  Of the 6 fabrics that came in the bundle, I only really like 1, and I could make do with maybe 2 or 3 others.

Does anybody have any suggestions about what I should make?  Thoughts on what to do with my duds?

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