Friday, March 25, 2011

The Gary Apron & Spring Break Update

Hello blog world! Long time no see!

I have been on spring break a week now.  In that time, I have knocked out 3 garments, bam!  But do I have pictures?  No.  I left my camera at work and I don't feel like going there to get it, so there you go.  As usual, you'll see my pics and review when I wear it to work and get Gary to take a picture. :)  But let me tell you that I love 2 out of 3, and the 3rd I'm iffy on. It's a cardigan, and the pattern is fine, but I think I made it too big and the fabric is kinda strange.  I have to style it and then decide.  It's hard to get the full picture when you throw it on over sweats, have no makeup on, and your hair is thrown back in a braid.  So I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

On to the apron!

Gary asked me to make him an apron that says Gare Bear.  Aprons were on sale 50% off at Joann this week, and with some iron on letters and an irresistible panda applique I ended up with this (taken with cell phone, so if you click a bigger pic it'll be blurry)

I love the letters, they remind me of Juno.  

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend readers. :)

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  1. Super cute :) and I set Chef Gare Bear (+Panda) as my Gary icon in my phone :)