Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pendrell and Denim Skirt #2

No sewing to be done, but I have more photos and reviews to share:

Top: Pendrell blouse
If you go to my earlier post, you can read my drama about French seams.  I was ready to rip out and resew.  But my mom, who is more of a perfectionist than I, told me it was hardly noticeable and not to worry about it.  That's honestly the answer I wanted, so I wore it to work on Thursday.  My friend at work who reads my blog thought it was fine too, so there!

Some pattern thoughts... this is the only pattern I've ever paid full price for.  I've been reading Tasia's blog sewaholic for a few months now.  She lost her job and started her own pattern company. After seeing several finished garments, I knew I needed it too!  Plus I wanted to support small town America (well, she's Canadian, but you know what I mean!)  This was very easy to sew, with clear instructions and if I ever was slightly unsure I just looked at her picture filled sewalong!  My one tiny critique is that I had a hard time seeing the size numbers on the pattern pieces as I was cutting out.  But whatever, not worth skipping this awesome pattern!

This is the 2nd time that I used this pattern.  First I made version B, this is version A.  As this was my second time making it I don't have much to say.  The denim is the same I used on my pencil skirt.  The denim ravels out of control, every time I wash it I have to trim it up.  Another thing is that the skirt directions have the pocket trim unfinished and raw.  That might work for other fabrics, but I wish I had finished them on this super ravely denim.  Oh well.  This is another highly worn item.

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