Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Pencil Skirt

This continues my series of posts about projects I've made but haven't yet photographed.  This skirt is Butterick 5466

This pattern is awesome.  I've made it twice, the second to be photographed later.  I made view C, minus the belt.  It only had 3 pattern pieces.  My second version of this skirt is a print, so I love that there aren't a lot of seams to interrupt the pattern.  

Another awesome thing about this pattern is that it takes a very small amount of fabric- only 1 yard of 60" wide fabric.  This fabric is a light weight denim from Joanns.  I got a killer deal on it- it was 30% off, plus as a teacher I get an additional 15% off, and then this was the end of the bolt so I got another 50% off.  So I think the fabric for this skirt cost me under $3.  Am I a bargain shopper or what?


  1. i like your Closet blue sweater too! id be willing to bet thats an under $40 outfit pending the cost of the boots. ive started a knitting project for eddie: a red scarf with blue crosses but now im wondering if there will be too many loose ends with the color switching. ill have to video gchat you once i get the ball rolling during spring break :) of course that means i get to see your pretty little face and fashion shows too!!

  2. $40 is about right.

    Skirt- about 5 including the zipper
    Sweater- $8
    Tights- 99 cents
    Boots- $27