Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birthday Dress

Completed in time for me to wear to school on my birthday!  Simplicity 2369 in matte jersey (first blogged about here)

Yes, that's a weird look on my face, but the best shot of the actual dress.

So a bit about sewing this dress...
This is my first complete garment made of a knitted fabric.  I was afraid to work with knits, but that fear proved to be unfounded.  I found this fabric to be very forgiving.  

A problem I did have, although self imposed, was working with my narrow hemmer foot.  I just discovered I had one, and decided to use it, but man did I have problems.  The hem came out kinda wiggly, I'm guessing because of the stretch of the fabric, but I actually liked it and, again, found it to be forgiving.  And somewhere in the process of using the narrow hemmer my bobbin thread got tangled on the bobbin.  No idea how I managed that one.

Back view.

Some reviews on patternreview said that a few pattern drawings were backwards.  I don't know if it was that or my own fatigue, but I had a heck of the time putting all the pieces together.  I got so turned around with the wrap and all the pieces and being inside out and I had to redo one seam 4 times because I kept getting it all wrong!

A more natural smile, but not the best view of my dress!

All that being said, I am overall very pleased with the result and received loads of compliments today.

Edit: I don't know why I thought this was my first knit pattern, my first was Butterick 5523.  But that was a really stable double knit while this one grew and stretched everywhere so I guess they just seem like different creatures.