Monday, February 7, 2011

A skirt with pockets

Proof that I really do sew!

Due to a combination of lost camera charger and a falling apart computer (since resolved with found camera charger and new hot pink laptop), I have almost no pictures of anything I've sewn.  So I've resolved to have G man take pictures of me on my way off to work when I wear things I've made.

This skirt is probably the item I wear most.  It's McCalls 5591 in style B, but without the sash.  I love this pattern.  I have a denim skirt in style A (which has yet to be photographed, one day soon) and I bought some black cotton sateen waiting to be made into another skirt like this.

One of the best things about this skirt is the wide, roomy pockets.  The girls in my class even noticed how much I could stash in my pockets and asked me where I was buying skirts with pockets, because they wanted skirts with pockets too!  I replied that I made it.  They were in complete awe and asked if I would make them skirts too!  That just tickled me!  Why don't they make uniform skirts with pockets for little girls?

And now a moment about my outfit in it's entirety... it was super cheap!  Said and done, I think the skirt cost me maybe $10.  The fabric is a super cheap poly/cotton broadcloth from Joann, maybe $2 a yard, 3 yards, total, making it $6 in fabric.  The pattern was 99 cents, I think my mom gave me the thread in a little kit and I bought the zipper and the interfacing.  The shirt is Ann Taylor Loft, given to me by my neighbor/good friend who is constantly cleaning out her closet and passing goodies on to me. And those awesome shoes were only $10 on clearance at Kohls.  And these aren't some cheapy shoes either.  I'm on my feet all day so I only buy quality shoes, and boy do these shoes have a coushy soul.  I wore them all day at work today and was perfectly comfortable.

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  1. Love the outfit and I am still jealous that since you have bigger feet then me you find more awesome cheap shoes!