Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Photo Journey of Failed Photography

Does the fact that I can't photograph myself mean I'm the living dead?

10 second camera timer and I sneeze at last second!

I was sad today because I thought I looked really cute.  But I only got one compliment.  One.  And I work at a school, so I see like 300 people everyday, plus I have 15 girls in my class who worship my fashion sense.  But only one comment.  Sigh.  So I decided to put it out in blog world!  This would've been a great idea, except I couldn't manage to decently photograph myself. And then I realized that the terrible pictures were actually quite hilarious, so I'd like to share:

Weird close up that includes a total bra shot.  Not sure how this photo happened.

And in between awful pictures I'm going to make you read about my outfit!  Mwahaha!  My top is a simple long sleeve black T, my boots are aerosoles that I got for only $30 online, and I'm of course rocking these awesome pink tights.  My necklace is a cool steam-punk style that my mom had made for me for my birthday.

Me failing at channeling America's Next Top Model.  Plus my bra is still showing.

My skirt, however, is sewn by me!  I got a ton of 80s and 90s patterns for 29 cents each at the thirft store in my hometown, including this one from 1989.  I personally think that there's a lot to be said for styling, so I wasn't put off by the cover illustration.  

I was, however, under the impression that I was making a wrap dress.  But then, as I stared confusedly at the directions, I realized it was a skirt with a separate wrap top.  I tried to get on board with it... but.... I'm not a big fan of the wrap top as it has really loose sleeves, especially in the armpit area.

But after cutting off a whopping nine inches from the hem, I declare the skirt a success!

Probably the best shot!  You can see my awesome pink tights.  But my bra is still there.

The skirt is a black flannel with white polka dots.  I know that flannel is an unusual choice for a skirt, but it was in my stash, and I like it.  Makes it feel wintery.

Another decent shot, trying to be pensive again.  Bra is still glowing!  My bra isn't even white, it's skin tone, you'd think it would blend in.

In the meantime, I finished cutting out my Pendrell blouse.  Woohoo!  I'm making myself do french seams, I've never done them before, so why not now?  The tutorial at Collette Patterns explained it simply enough, so I think I can do it!

Pendrell, all cut, and draped over a chair.

So enough blogging and onto sewing this bad boy!

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  1. So I agree I love your outfit and I want the pink tights they are so amazing! I would totally wear the outfit. I wish I had them to wear to the semi formal tomorrow. The bra thing I realized at work recently. Regular cotton black shirts always show any bra except black. It is the only reason i haven't thrown out my bra that is a size too big.