Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Perfect Body

Guess what?   I have the perfect body!  Haha, far from it...

But apparently my body measurements are almost dead aligned with standard patterns.

In my coats class today, we spent like 2 hours learning how to do various alterations (as a former teacher, I have to say that I love the way she taught this lesson).  Although I learned a lot, I was NOT looking forward to doing all that work on my own pattern.

I went to get fitted, and was very nervous to find out all the things I had to adjust.

But guess what?
My pattern fit!  Perfectly! And she checked everything, really looking for something, anything, that needed to be tweaked... but nope.  Back and front are perfect.  It probably helps that I had already graded out a size for my hips, but still, this is very exciting!

Gary says this means I'm completely average.  I think it means I'm perfect.


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  2. This reminds me of my youngest sister. I don't have a perfect body, but she does, and we are the same measurements. Oh, wait, she's only about five inches taller than I am ... drat ...

    But, hey, congratulations on not having to alter the pattern! That's way cool!

  3. I haven't commented on posts in a long time but I love that you keep blogging because it keeps me up to date on all of you. I need to do this for you guys too. I find I never email you the things you would put in a blog.